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Lock Box Information

How it works:
  • We instruct your payors, such as insurance companies, patients, etc to remit their payments to your financial institution lockbox address.

  • Your bank's staff pick up your remittances directly from the Post Office frequently throughout the day beginning early in the morning.

  • Trained lockbox personnel process remittances according to your unique instructions.

  • Checks are deposited to your account on a same-day basis.

  • Deposit and receivables information is sent to us for further processing

  • Remittance detail information can be captured and transmitted electronically for updates to your receivables system.


  • Aggressive mail pickup schedules and state-of-the-art processing offer you faster access to your funds for improved cash management.

  • With lock box processing your remittances, SurgBill, Inc. does not have access to your payments, we only receive documentation to process your claims and appeals.

  •  Lockbox Services offers a cost-effective way to minimize the risk of loss due to internal fraud.

  • Detailed information about your customerís payments can be reported in a format consistent with your current accounting procedures, providing you with an accurate, timely and efficient collection of receivables data.

The fees for this service will vary with your financial institution.





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