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We offer a variety of service plans to adjust to your needs or requirements.

Individual Service

Corporate Service

Partial Service

For existing clients only

Per Claim

Initial Filing X
Appeals X
Follow Up X
Monthly Practice Analysis Reports X
Statistical Reports X X
Online claim status X X
Online claim submission
Access to our member resource library (sample letters, contracts, software and HIPPAA manuals) X
Personalized email account (POP and web based) X X
Online Invoicing and Fee payment via Paypal®
Fee (collected revenue) 6.9%/7.5% 6.5% 12.5% $7.50 per claim
Downloadable contract Agreement Upon request Upon request Upon request Upon request
Optional Services
SurgBill Online Imaging Services

Only for SurgBill clients

We will scan every document that we receive from payors, convert them to PDF and make them available for your secure online review within 48 hours of receipt.


0.45 cents each
One side- 0.65 cents each
Both sides- 1.00 each

Hourly reports

Only for SurgBill clients

You will submit OR times and we will provide comprehensive monthly reports on your activity.

Less than 50 cases - $15.00/month

Each additional 50 cases - $4.50/month

Consultant Services

We provide facility, payment and reimbursement consultancy to non-physician surgical assistant that requires it.

Lock Box Services We welcome the option of working with you through this service which might be available through your existing financial institution.

For more detailed information about this service click here.


Individual service: Includes initial filing, appeals and follow up until payment has been received or payment is non-recoverable.
The fee structure is very simple, we charge 7.5% of actual payment and is billable the 10th of each month.
The fee decreases to 6.9% when the surgical assistant has a provider agreement with the insurance company and/or the amount collected is above $20,000/month (not billed amount). Your fee will be automatically adjusted each billing cycle.

Corporate service: Includes initial filing, appeals and follow up until payment has been received or payment is non-recoverable for corporate entities such as groups, surgical assistant firms, staffing agencies, etc. The fee is 6.5% of collected revenue. The company or corporation has to be established or incorporated with a minimum of 5 surgical assistants under their employment.

Partial service: This includes only the appeal process, you submit the initial filing and we take care only of the appeals process, if your claim has been denied or unsatisfactory payment has been received.
This service is not available if you have received partial payment, have cashed the check and the EOB specifically states that cashing the check is your acceptance of the claim paid in full or the EOB from the insurance company states that they paid the facility or surgeon for your services in the bundled or global fee. The fee for this service is 12.5% of actual payment.

IMPORTANT: This service is only available to clients that have decided to switch their accounts to SurgBill, Inc. and want us to appeal any outstanding claims from your prior billing company.

Per Claim: This includes only the initial filing, you take care of the appeals and follow-up process. The fee for this service is $7.50 per claim, not per code.

All of our online services where confidential data is exchanged is done through a 128 bit secured server and confidential data is maintained online the minimum amount possible.

If you don't get paid, neither do we!
Sound fair? We think it does!

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