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How it works

SurgBill, Inc., has created a unique system, that has taken more than a year to develop, it is unique in the industry because you, the client is always in control of your accounts and will know what is the status of each individual account 24/7, even if you are 1500 miles away.


Once you log in to your 128 bit secured account you have the following options:

a) Main page: On this page you will be able to see:
     1) Major updates and/or news targeted to all clients in general.
     2) Your balance owed, and the option of paying securely via Paypal.
     3) Viewing your profile, (Address, phone numbers, EIN, NPI, etc.)
     4) Sending private messages to the claims analysts or administrators regarding your accounts and or concerns.

b) Claim Submission (SurgbillDirect): On this portion of your account, you will be connected via Microsoft Terminal Services directly to our servers in our offices and be able to log in to our software (Medisoft Network Pro) in real time to input patient demographics and/or print comprehensive reports regarding your practice. This system has been audited for HIPPA compliance and is completely secure with a 128 bit encryption and several levels of security.

c) Claim Status*: Here all of your individual accounts are listed by Month, and on each account there will be the following information:
      1) Date when documentation was submitted
      2) Date when the claim was processed
      3) Date when the claim was sent
      4) Any documentation received from payors, such as OP report or W9 requests, denials, etc.
      5) Any follow-up that we have done on that account
      6) Any appeals done on that account and the results of that appeal.
      7) Any payment received on that account
      8) You can even check status of your individual claims on your internet enabled mobile phone. (html, xhtml and wap enabled phone devices)

Claims that have been paid will be listed but will be closed, where no more posts will be allowed on that specific account.

* This information is not in real time, it will be posted within 48-72 hours of action taken, we believe that this option will be phased out in the near future (second quarter of 2008), and you will be able to obtain this same information from Medisoft reports through SurgbillDirect and these will be in real time.

d) Account Status: On this portion you will be able to see and print your invoices, the invoices will list each account individually and the payment that was made, along with our fee owed.

 No more trying to figure out if a claim has been billed and if the billing company has received any response from the payor, with our system you will know exactly where each account is at.


a) You submit all the patient demographics and all related documentation to be able to submit the claim.
b) We process and send the claim within 72 hours of received complete documentation.
c) We wait 60-90 days for response from payors.
d) Any documentation request or request to settle will be handled appropriately.
e) If no response from payor within 90 days, we will begin the follow up process with the payor.
f) Any denial that deems an appeal will be appealed appropriately and in a timely fashion. (Not all appeals are appealable)
g) Once we receive payment from primary payors, secondary payors will be billed if necessary.
h) If no secondary payor is on file, we will close the account. (Patient billing will be on a client by client basis)
i) Reimbursement checks received will be mailed to you via Priority Mail with signature confirmation. Once a week if amount is $1000.00 or more, bimonthly if amount is less than $1000.00.
j) Because we submit your claims with your information and your W9, all checks will come to your name, Surgbill, Inc. does not have access to your funds whatsoever.
k) At the end of the month we will invoice you for our fee, payable on the 10th of each month. 

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No other Surgical Assistant Billing Company has invested so much time, effort and money to create a system to benefit you; our client.

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We are highly committed to your success, because your success is ours!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at your convenience at (866)90S-BILL or email us at .



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