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Mission Statement

To provide billing, collections and consultant services to surgeons and surgical assistant practices with integrity and honesty.

To represent the interests of our clients with the highest level of professionalism at all times, advocating for a fair reimbursement of their services with perseverance and consistency.

To abide to high ethical principles when processing and submitting claims for reimbursement to patients, third party payors and medical facilities.

To maintain the privacy of our clients and their patients in the strictest of confidentiality, utilizing their information solely for the purpose of billing and collections.


Vision Statement

To be the largest and most reputable billing and collections company for non-physician surgical assistants in the United States by the year 2010.


Our Logo

SURGbill, Inc.'s Logo

SURGbill, Inc.'s logo is a circle with a gradient that changes in color horizontally from dark blue to light blue. Superimposed are the capital letter "S" and the lower case letter "b" in white, which stand for the company's initials. The superimposition of these 2 letters simulate the dollar sign which represents the financial impact on the service that we provide for our clients.




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